FanGraphs Auction Calculator includes Ottoneu Scoring Presets

A reminder that FanGraphs has added pre-set scoring for the linear-weighted Ottoneu scoring formats this year:

You can access the Auction Calculator here:

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Would you please explain what the terms on the first row of the chart(rPTS, PTS, aPOS) stand for ?

I’ve been trying to guess what they stand for, but I really have no idea.


rPTS looks like it’s just the projected points for the player, not sure what the r stands for (raw?)
PTS looks like the $ value for the player before positional adjustment, probably just comparing every player agnostic of position based on total points (no idea why it’s labeled PTS)
aPOS looks like the positional adjustment (all OF get +$16.1, if you look at 1B they get +$10.4)
Dollars is then just the PTS+aPOS dollar values summed

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your kindness.

But I’m still wondering why positional adjustment is needed when figuring out one’s value?

I may be missing something as I’m a newbie to ottoneu. Nontheless, I don’t get the reason behind it. Can I simply think of it as something similar to calculating WAR?

Think of it as a positional replacement level proxy. It’s easiest to think about it with catchers. Let’s say we’re talking 5x5 ottoneu. If Buster Posey has 75 runs and 75 RBI, those are pretty bland numbers for a first baseman. At catcher, they may well lead the position.

The calculator is getting values for runs and RBI relative to ALL players. However, Posey will actually net your team many runs and RBI relative to all catchers. So a position adjustment is needed to properly account for that.


Thanks for enlightening!

Please make sure to note that HBP for Pitchers is missing in the preset scoring settings (-3). Becomes an issue when you (like me) every now and then want to peek at the scoring settings and just go to this Auction Calculator to look up the values per category)

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