Fangraphs Auction Calculator updated for 2022?

Hello. I am looking at the Fangraphs Auction Calculator, both the old and new interface. The new interface doesn’t load players for me. The old interface only has YTD 2021 and Depth Charts RoS projections.

Are either auction calculators updated with 2022 projections yet? Maybe I missed something. Thanks!

They haven’t been published yet. IIRC, Steamer gets published sometimes in November (or at least that’s when it has come out in previous years). ZIPS comes out much later, like February or maybe even March. I think Marcel gets published on BBRef sometime in December or January. But Marcel isn’t loadable into the FG Auction Calculator and I wouldn’t rely on those in any event. Clay Davenport posts his on his website sometime in early December, but also not included in the FG Auction Calculator.

ATC comes out sometime after ZIPS and others gets published. I don’t recall when BBPro does theirs. BBHQ publishes version one of their projections sometime in January. Both of the latter two are behind a paywall and are not loadable into FG Auction Calculator, although BBHQ has something similar. I haven’t subscribed to BBPro in about 5-6 years, so I’m not sure what they have in terms of auction values these days. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they had a tool like that available based on PECOTA.


Looks like the 2022 Steamer projections are on the auction calculator now? Can anyone confirm?


Yep. Looks like Fangraphs published 2022 Steamer projections in the past day or so. I don’t think that they officially announced it yet, though. But yeah, looks like they’ve moved from 2021 projections to 2022 projections.

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Yeah, they don’t look complete. There are a lot of players without projections yet and/or missing.

Yeah, for whatever reason they seem to be projecting counting stats for guys who ended the season on the IL as not having any PA or IP for 2022, which obviously isn’t right. However, the rate stats are in there (e.g., Trout is projected for a .394 wOBA, Acuna .399, etc.). My guess is that they’ll revise the projections with playing time soon, perhaps when they release the Depth Charts projections (which until ZIPS comes out will just be Steamer with slightly different playing time projections).

Note that you can estimate FGPts just with wOBA, so you can get pretty good estimates of where these players will be, at least for the points leagues.

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Yeah it’s not perfect but it’s still useful for Ottoneu arbitration. Not like I’m gonna arb up someone like Mike Trout anyway. And you’re right, it just took out Morton so it doesn’t include anyone who’s on the IL.

Should still be useful as it’s updated throughout the offseason for trying to calculate trades and stuff too.

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