Fangraphs Free Agents


When searching league specific free agents on Fangraphs (using link on Ottoneu Players page) is there a filter that applies 2019 projections as opposed to 2018 actuals?


That would be a very cool feature. For now, you would need to go to Fangraphs, click on your name in upper right corner (if already logged in), and click on Custom Teams. There you could select the players you want to look at as a team and save them, then click the projections link.

That may be interesting for RoS projection updates for your team, but for auction prep, I suggest downloading to Excel to customize projections, then pasting your $ values into the Surplus Calculator.

Too much work to use projections directly on Fangraphs site for Ottoneu, until Niv gets them to build the feature you suggested.