FanGraphs needs your help

Without FanGraphs, Ottoneu would quite simply not exist. If you can, please consider signing up for a membership.


Seconded! If you can afford to, I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for the $50 annual membership.


just curious…does Ottoneu have a business relationship with FANGRAPHS?

Yeah. You are visiting whenever you play Ottoneu Fantasy Sports, that isn’t by coincidence. We have a very tight relationship with FanGraphs.

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that’s how I found Ottoneu

there was a time that I managed nine (9) ESPN FLB teams,three of which I LM’d, all Roto with a variety of settings

today I have one of those left, a 10-teamer with some relatives and friends and a couple guys I’ve never met…12 years running

sure wish I could convince them to jump to Ottoneu

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I am bumping this thread because FanGraphs has posted a great update about how things are going and how you can help:

Please take a look. Thanks everyone.