Fantasy Baseball $100 Roto needs new owner

League 979 team SLA is leaving next year and he is ok with turning his team over right now to a new owner. The league condition is that u pay the 2022 fees before any moves are made.

Team name is Shifting Launch.

Hi there! Has this spot been filled? If not, I would love the opportunity to take over this team!

That one did fill but we might have a team open in league 1197 and the team is The Asterisks*. Take a look and let me know. I sent a message out to the owner of the team to confirm if he is coming back. It is a $100 Roto.

Hi, I am going to pass on this opportunity, but thanks!

Do you still need a manager? I am interested

I do have an opening in 1197 and the team is The Asterisks*. Would u be interested in that team?

Yes. Thanks

If u are still interested please send me your ottoneu name and I will link u to the team. We just ask to pay the 2022 Fees by Nov 1 for new owners. That will be only this year. League will be a $100 Roto league.

Team still available in league 979 ?