Fantasy Hockey

Hi Everyone!

If you’re like me, you love Ottoneu because of the salary system the site uses. Major kudos to Niv for creating and maintaining an awesome platform. I recently delved into the Fantasy Hockey arena and found there are really only two types of leagues: those without any kind of salary cap (snake drafts) and those that use the player’s actual salary and the league’s salary cap. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. I opted into the salary cap league but found that some Tier 2 players live in free agency because there’s simply not enough cap space for any team to roster them. That’s when it occurred to me that Ottoneu and Fangraphs would be a great repository for Fantasy Hockey. Hockey is a lot like Baseball in that there are loyal fanbases, intricate minor league systems, and not enough good sites that do the fantasy portion right. I talked to Niv about that and he suggested putting out a feeler on here to see if there is enough interest to do Fantasy Hockey. If you are interested, please reply so we can try to get a few leagues going next season!


+1 for fantasy hockey! :ice_hockey:

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Another +1 for fantasy hockey but basketball first please! hah

would be incredibly interested in any kind of Ottoneu fantasy hockey or basketball leagues, been trying to find something in its style a couple years now

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What about hockey? Any traction on that?


Absolutely would be in for hockey

Love fantasy hockey and my yahoo group would love to play in a Ottoneu baseball style hockey league. But that being said its a huge under taking and I would rather see it done right. I’m sure when the time is right Niv will add hockey too

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Late to reply but would LOVE fantasy hockey.

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