Fantasy Premier League

Hi Premier League fans!

The game is back online, and for the third year, we are rounding up a group of freaks who would like to participate in our Fantasy Premier League contest.

Like previous years, Niv has been offering a reward of paying the non prize portion ($20) for any league any sport for the winner. This year, I am matching that prize for our second sister league, a head to head league for those of us not named Kyle, Kevon, or Sean to be able to have a chance to compete for something past game week 3. Here are the links for both leagues, once you have created your team, you will be able to join.

Ottoneu Slack League - Classic

Ottoneu Slack League - H2H

There’s no limit of managers for the classic league, as that league is based on total score. The Head to Head league has a limit of 16 managers, so that’s a “first come first served” scenario. In case you need clarification; Your one squad will play in both contests.

Looking forward to talking trash, seeing you gets Pep Roulette’d, and watching big Arsenal games with you all for the next 38 weeks after the season starts.