FG H2H PTS error in scoring?

Hey guys, wondering if someone had some down to and come across this and could help me out. Not sure if I am losing it or just having a brain fart. But setting up my spreadsheet and trying to get my projections in for my pitchers. For some reason, the hitting projections are just fine, but with pitching, it seems something is off. Wanted to confirm that the pitching scoring is as such; If so, I am not sure if my stats are correct for my team or not.
IP: 7.4
K: 2
H: -2.6
BB: -3
HBP: -3
HR: -12.3
SV: 5

EXAMPLE: (Dustin May as of 8/5) In the example pic, for my calculations I calculated according to the scoring system above. Not sure if the points system has been updated since or if what is showing on my page for Dustin May’s points are incorrect?

What happens if you treat the 13.2 innings as 13 and 2/3 innings?

Like, on a spreadsheet? Hmm, not all that sure. But when you still calculate it, like hand written out. It still comes out to 97.68 PTS, specifically for IP. That was just an example for Dustin May. It seems to do it for my whole team. So was thinking that my scoring system that I listed above was incorrect. But that seems right as well.

7.4 times 13.6666666666667 is 101.133333333333336 or thereabouts. You are considering 13.2 innings to be 13.2 and not 13.666666666667.


AHHH. That is what it is. Confirmed a brain fart. Awesome, thanks for the help on that Niv! Appreciate that!

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