FGPTs - 2 Managers Wanted - $20 league with dedicated Slack channel for chatting

We’re looking for 1 new manager for the upcoming season. The team needs some love but after initial cuts would have a lot of money to spend at auction with good players available.

Our league is active, has a slack set up for league communication/chatter, and is mainly made up of players for whom this was either their first or second Ottoneu league. We all love this format and like to talk about it - so we’d be a great resource to help you get acclimated. We actively chat baseball throughout the season and have a pretty strong trade culture (some managers more than others lol).

To check out the league page, check out: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Armchair GMs

Team Link: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Armchair GMs - The Boyds of Summer

I can tell you more if you are interested. Feel free to message me to continue the conversation or to join up.

Hi, I’d be interested to join your league. I’m new to Ottoneu but find the concept really intriguing.

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Sent you a message!