Fifth-Year 5MiLB League Needs Third Owner for Dispersal Draft

Last of three openings in a fifth year league in 2019, 3 Tool Front office:

League will be converting to a $20 ottoneu buy-in and $100 pot contribution to LeagueSafe for next season.

As soon as I have three new owners to take on the orphan teams, we will be holding a snake dispersal draft from the three franchises, including 5MiLB assets.

All players/salary and 5MiLB assets will be drafted and converted to ownership on the new teams. Draft order will be first-come, first-serve in order of slots claimed (so you will be picking 1.3, 2.1, 3.3 etc.).

A spreadsheet listing all available players is here:

In addition to this draft and arbitration, we also hold our annual 5MiLB draft starting on December 1st. So there is a ton of offseason activity and an active league.

Please contact me here (or @ahix24 on Slack) with any questions about how the dispersal process is intended to work, how our version of 5MiLB works, or anything else. Happy to accommodate!