FILLED - One owner needed in active $20 FGP League

Want to own Arenado, Judge AND Lindor for under $120 total? Did I mention the $31 Cole and $21 Bauer? This team will complete this season with your expert guidance.

Team available here:

Reply or PM with interest.

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Hey Adam,

I sent off a reply to your email this morning. I just now got a notice in my email that it was kicked back. Not sure why it too 12 hours to get kicked back but I’m thinking that you haven’t seen it and had no idea that I even sent it. If you’d like, you could send something with your actual email address to me then I could resend this mornings email to you again. Complicated and a pain in the ass - sorry - just didn’t want you guys to think I didn’t follow up.


This team has been filled. Thanks!