Filter by NL/AL in Auction Draft

Is it possible to please add an NL/AL/Both dropdown on the auction draft interface and have the player search respect that filter?

We don’t officially support AL- or NL-only leagues at this time. This kind of filter would be more confusing than anything, and if we do undertake AL- or NL-only options, this filter would just not be necessary, as search wouldn’t bring you players from the other league.

If you want to open a wishlist item for NL- or AL-only that’d be great, because there’s always one or two people who ask for this kind of support, but I haven’t seen any evidence that there is huge interest from Ottoneu users. I’d be happy to be proven wrong on this!

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Thanks @nivshah. Understood, and I can see how it would be confusing in a standard AL/NL league. We are a self-imposed NL-only league, and in getting ready for our draft auction, this comes up each year.