Filter by watchlist in Player search

It would be really helpfull if we could do a search for our watch listed players . I read a nice review on a prospect , then add to watchlist. Over time have so many that forget most ( as I’ve never heard of most ). It would be nice if a watchlist option were added to mlb,and milb options.

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Is this functionality the same as visiting your watchlist page? Or is there something else that would make this helpful in search specifically?

It would be nice if watchlist was an option same place where you search for mlb, milb, fa or all. I’d fund it convienent to have a watchlist option there.

I see what you mean. I had same question as Niv, but player search would be very convenient place for this, because it has position filters.


That’s true, it could be very helpful to compare a watchlisted player to other players–owned or otherwise–much like you would today in yahoo or espn.

Search results definitely include watchlist players, so you can already do that, yeah? Off the top of my head I believe they are highlighted in search results as well.

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Maybe not highlighted on mobile? I don’t see anything.

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Search currently doesn’t consider who is searching or what team they may own, so I was wrong about the highlight.

I have some ideas based on this thread but it will be closer to the regular season due to other on-going projects.

Hey Niv,

Please consider highlighting players that you have on your watchlist in the player search. One use case that I would find this helpful for is when searching for all available SP prior to draft and being able to see all players I’ve already put on the watchlist that I’m considering bidding on.

Additionally, it would be cool to be able to add players to the watchlist straight from the search.


Rolled your post into this thread. Should have an update very soon!

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With the roll out of Notes, this is no longer true. So the next steps are to add highlighting to players that are on the team that is searching’s wishlist, and add filters that add the current team’s wishlist or current team’s active roster to the search.

The highlighting is the easy problem, and I think useful for draft prep and in-draft search. I’ll look at that first, and then look at the other search enhancements after. The first bit should be this week.

Watchlist players are now highlighted in search on the search page and in the auction draft room.