Finding currently running leagues

I’m in a new FanGraphs Points weekly transaction league. Niv - are you able to send me a couple league numbers that use both points and weekly? I’ve reviewed a few dozen by randomly changing the website number and also searching through the owners wanted to find a similar league but no luck. I want to see how much fewer points are scored than daily so I know what is reasonable to target in upcoming draft. I’ll go back to the old elbow grease if there isn’t an easier way. Thanks!

There’s a hidden page that lists out all the active leagues - I haven’t checked it out recently to make sure it is pulling exactly the right set of leagues, but it should get you started.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see on this page, please make a post in the Wishlist section of the forums. I’m happy to make improvements.

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Very helpful, allowed me to just search the fan graphs points leagues and I eventually found one (league 699). Seems like a lot of winners in FG points scored 19k-20k, but with weekly transactions, that league was in the 17-18k range, which makes sense.

Thanks again!