Finishing a Football Draft with Free Agency Auctions. Permitted?

Last night, we got through a decent chunk of our startup football league auction draft. There is some momentum in our league in favor of foregoing a second draft session and filling out rosters via free-agency auctions, instead. While I will support our league’s consensus, either way, I must ask about the legality of this measure. Is it permitted?

Coming from Ottoneu baseball, I’m familiar with legal roster and lineup rules there. However, I notice the football rules are a little different. I’m curious if we were to “complete our draft” via free agency auctions, would it be permitted for teams to trade during that time? Looking for a little guidance and input to help with our situation. Would it be wiser to just coordinate a second draft session? Asking for the sake of our league. Thank you, kindly.

In league 1 we are doing just this. We stopped our draft after 2 hours and said the rest can be done with 24 hour auctions. You are definitely permitted to trade during this period.

The primary reasoning behind no trades during the auction draft is because it makes it just hard to track what other teams are doing in real time. With the real-time component removed, its much easier to keep track of who you may be bidding against for whom, etc.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, much appreciated

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