First-Time Owners Needed for H2H FanGraphs Points League | LEAGUE FULL

Hey everybody,

I’ve maxed out my friends and friends-of-friends pool to form a startup league, and I’m three owners short. Format is H2H FanGraphs Points, wildcard playoff (6 teams), 9 GS cap for starting pitchers and a $75 prize tier. Draft date(s) are TBD (Doodle poll being conducted as we speak).

The league is named after the late “Prince of Pranks,” Moe Drabowsky.

All of the owners, myself included, are new to the format so we’re looking for first-timers to join the league. I’ve known the other owners for years, if not decades, and they’re a fun, competitive group.

Reply or message me if interested.

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One spot has been claimed, leaving two spots open. Halfway through our Doodle Poll and March 13 & 14 look to be front runners for the draft, if that helps anyone. Reply or message for more info.

Let me know the details ASAP. My bother are looking for a league that will draft EST and a Allocation System.

I’m definitely interested. Never done it before. What’s the cost?

Hey everyone. Thanks for the responses, emails and messages. The league is now full.


We’ve still got a H2H Fangraphs spot open in our league:

I Am Risen is open (Trout/Blackmon and Sale/Corbin) PRECUTS headline: