First Year League Manager Needed (Betts, Soto)

First year league needs a manager to take over top-heavy squad. Currently in 11th, probably not a '21 competitor, but with some big names up top and a few intriguing supporting pieces this could be a fun squad to take over.

Team: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Chester's Project - Better Call Salvy
League: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Chester's Project

Just getting off the ground, the league will likely be $20 in perpetuity and currently features a nice mix of beginner/intermediate players (there may be some experts too, but early to tell!).

Send me a line if you have any questions or if you want to express your interest that way. Thanks!


I’ll take this team.


I am currently in two leagues. First year player but 40 year fan. Looking to take on the challenge of taking on a non drafted team. How active is your league?

My league is Chester’s Project, of which you’re already a valued member! :smile: