Five Year Review of wOBA & FGPTS

I wanted to get a sense of how wOBA generally correlates to performance (P/G & P/PA) in Ottoneu, so the stats below represent the average wOBA over the past five years in each band, and the counting stats profile of each player in that band. I may elaborate on this further, but some interesting data.

As an example: Over the past five years (2014 - 2018) there have been 13 seasons of players with an wOBA between.400 - .410. The average P/G of those seasons is 7.33 P/G and the average P/PA is 1.71 P/PA. That average player has hit 33 HR, has a 156 wRC+, a .397 average OBP, and a 19.7% BB rate.

Also interesting: the best single season over the past five years as measured by wOBA (.461) and total points (1,340 FGPTS) was Harper’s 2015, but Mookie Betts actually has the best P/G over the past five seasons @ 9.27 P/G (only player to eclipse 9.0 P/G in that time frame).


Nifty! Have you done this in a scatter plot? That’d be pretty interesting to see, too.

So do we think that this means that Ks have too much of a negative impact on points? Otherwise most production is ordered the same way as points.