Football data problems

We need to have a conversation about the repeated problem with no data appearing for mid-week games. It’s happening again today, and I’m having trouble keeping guys interested in our league because of it. I haven’t seen this level of data difficulty on other platforms, but I’m also completely unaware of the true cause.

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I apologize about the delay in getting football scoring, especially for Thursday games and early starts. We are working out the kinks on our end and this year has been, I think, noticeably worse than last year, which is not the direction I want things to go.

Without going into a bunch of details, the basic problem is that we’ve only been pulling football data for a couple of years, which is a huge difference from FanGraphs’s experience with baseball data. The baseball processes are automated, and the football processes still have some manual intervention required every week and every day. After this past weekend, in which the delay was exacerbated by the holiday, we have a focused determination to automate football data so that it doesn’t require one or two of us to be online to make sure everything is working.

Again, I don’t mean this as an excuse or deflecting blame - there are a lot of technical problems to running these games and only a couple of people who can even address them. As a result, we need to focus our priorities appropriately, and we have not done a great job with prioritizing football data loading. This is being addressed this week.

Please keep holding me accountable! While I enjoy the pie-in-the-sky ideas that might improve certain aspects of Ottoneu, if there are specific issues that exist that cause users to not engage, those should always be raised and prioritized.

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