Football Keeper Deadline incorrectly showing as September 11

It appears that the keeper deadline has been extended to September 11, 2023. Maybe I missed a post somewhere about it but what’s up with that?

Someone emailed me that they were seeing that on their home page. The keeper deadline has not been moved, and on my league home page I see the correct date, July 31.

Odd. Our league page (League 190) shows the deadline as 9/11/23.

Also, probably not coincidentally, I’m trying to schedule our draft and the first date available is 9/12/23, which is after Week 1 of the season. Hope that helps with troubleshooting the problem.

Looks like a bug related to extending the renewal deadline. I’m looking into it!

Cool. Thanks as always for the quick replies, the efforts to keep everything running smoothly, and the all-around awesome job you do!

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I believe the keeper deadline should be showing up as July 31 for everyone again.