Football league help, regarding “hard cap” and heavy loans

Trade accepted in Gentlemen, Ballers, and Scamps (0.5 PPR ):
DOTY gives up:
DeAndre Hopkins ($82)
George Kittle ($32)
Joe Mixon ($82)
$100 loan
The Wentz Dreams gives up:
Diontae Johnson ($27)
T.J. Hockenson ($22)
Miles Sanders ($46)

Referencing this trade. DOTY is ready to work towards next year and the league is upset with the talent going over and the heavy loan.

We are a first year friends league who didn’t put any hard rule in place before the year began. Any thoughts on this? As commish, I think it is ill-advised but not patently absurd. League does not generally agree.

EDIT: No evidence of collusion and not remotely suspected.

I agree with you and generally warn that these kinds of trades may seem unbalanced but you don’t know how they will shake out after a year or so. If it ends up being really bad for the seller, you guys should note that and adjust accordingly. Likewise for the buyer.

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Appreciate the insight. Two of the guys who raised an issue are long time Otto baseball players so I put some stock into their concerns.

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From a strategy perspective I think most sellers do better by engaging with multiple buyers instead of one but that is my opinion based on my experience. Not universally correct by any means


I would expand this to the league does better when multiple potential buyers are engaged.

Ultimately, I rarely veto trades because I consider all teams to have equal skin in the game. However, it’s frustrating when one competitive team benefits from trading with a ‘selling’ team when the other competing teams would have gladly been approached but were not.

This is one reason I am a big proponent of up-to-the-minute trade blocks.


FWIW, it’s a really bad trade. I don’t veto unless there’s reason to suspect collusion (no indication that’s the case, from what you’ve shared). But it’s a really bad trade, IMHO.

My biggest issue with the trade is that Sanders doesn’t look like he’s a likely keeper at $50 for 2022. So I’d say take the RB out of the deal, adjust the loan accordingly, and you have something approximately fair and reasonable for both sides. I’m not sure that it’s so bad as to require commissioner intervention if the league doesn’t vote to veto. But I would see whether both sides are amenable to taking the two RB out of the deal in the interest of league cohesion.


I appreciate everyone’s help and have linked this topic for the league. League has mostly agreed that commish intervention is unnecessary and we will allow the league vote to determine. DOTY is still adamant that he loves the trade.

Thank you @walt526, @legendaryan, and @nivshah for the insight.