Football Live Draft Froze 08/25/2019


Our draft is frozen. please advise on a fix

League ID 114

My draft has also frozen, not sure what is going on.

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My draft is frozen as well our league name is “place at the table” are any of u guys in this league.

I’m in AA(F)F, considering how many drafts are down I’m guessing this is a server issue.

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You guys still frozen?

still frozen

Sorry guys. Just saw this and pushed a fix. if anyone needs further support please let me know.

Thank you


Frozen again

I’m actively investigating the freezing issue and will be online for the rest of the evening to ensure that drafts can be completed. I’ll have a full post-mortem tomorrow.

I have a write-up on what happened last night here:

I will be reaching out to some of you individually over the next few days as well.