Football Suggestion: Add teams to player pages

One small tweak I feel Football Ott could use is listing teams for player’s past seasons. In baseball, when viewing a player’s page, I can see each team they played for in the second column of their stats, right after the year. However for football players, the team column isn’t there.

Adding this to football player’s would be nice, as I can never remember who Player X was playing for in 2013.

It’s a minor change, but I think it might help!

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I’m checking this out tonight.

Ok the team column should be up now. For players that play on multiple teams in one season, it’ll show the team they ended the season on. I’m open to feedback on changing that.

Thanks Niv! I think showing the team the player ended up on makes the most sense too.

I don’t think the teams are accurately displaying in some cases though. Guys like Jeremy Maclin or Mike Gillislee are showing their current team going as far back as possible, despite playing for new teams this year.

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Huh yeah. Ok on it.

Ok I think I’ve taken a pass at this that should work.