Football Wishlist: AVG Salary, Roster Rate in Flex/Superflex

Distinguish Superflex rostered-% and Avg.Salary from 2-Flex leagues:

-Problem: average salaries are currently combined from disparate player pools; AVG values listed are misleading, particularly with respect to quarterbacks (whose values vary immensely between the two formats), and ottoneu players don’t know how to price players as a result.

-Benefit: ottoneu players will more appropriately value players based on their format.

Thank you (AGAIN) Niv for your consideration!

This makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll have to look into how much work this is with basketball effort coming up but I am on board.

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In contrast to the search wishlist item, I’m more of the mindset that this is a nice-to-have. Absolutely will come to the site but might be a little while.

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Great (AGAIN)! I want to avoid telling Chad not to trade evenly priced Davante Adams for Dak Prescott with at least the benefit of knowing that Dak Prescott at $81 may actually be reasonable in superflex. (By way of comparison, Dak is $22 in my 2-flex league.) Anyway- I hope this one is relatively easy for a wishlist item. I never want to burden you with crazy fixes: stupid ones maybe, but never crazy ones.

Jokes aside, the value here is pretty self-evident and I’m glad it’s on your radar now too. Thank you!!

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Agreed- this is mostly cosmetic, and relatively minor, though there is a definite tangible impact and so it’s worthwhile (and I will patiently await its arrival). That said, it’s clearly less of a priority than the search/watchlist stuff, no doubt.