Free Shirts?

I feel like free Ottoneu t-shirts are a reasonable consolation prize for the managers who factually (not potentially) lost their football championships as a result of the Damar Hamlin bye week. This would be for prize eligible leagues only as bottom tier had the ability to have commissioners and owners resolve any issues created.

I would like one for my baseball auction (eight weeks away) and had already secured a league championship only to be afflicted with an unavoidable bye week and lose by .9 points.

Clearly there was no good solution with the way things played out with Hamlin & the ultimate cancellation of the game, but this seems like an appropriate gesture, in my opinion.

I’d be in favor of this even if it wasn’t a selfish request, but it is, I admit.

Do the right thing. We want the shirts.

This request seems really… random.


Tried email already to no response. Figured I’d put it out there. Just seems like a good customer service decision.

This has nothing to do with customer service. Especially since the NFL is the entity who canceled the game. Not ESPN, CBS,… or Ottoneu.


(Note: jlewis25 posted a very rude response to the previous poster that he subsequently deleted, for those joining the thread 24 or more hours following his deletion)

I’m not going to wade into this any further other than to say that I’m not really sure what Niv could have done other than what he actually did. He communicated clearly about the situation in real-time and things were entirely out of his control. The communication was certainly better than ESPN, Yahoo, etc.

Obviously it was a disappointing and frustrating way for the fantasy football season to end for some, but that’s not in any way Niv’s fault. Expecting a t-shirt or any other compensation is not only entirely unreasonable; it’s fucking ridiculous.



The first post was hilarious (until I realized he was serious).


It wasn’t rude (much) and it was full of valid points. I just deleted it because it is such a pointless discussion, as is any discussion that takes place on a message board. It’s just beneath everyone’s time. I will cease further discussion of this, and only posted at all because of the lack of a response from a single private inquiry, which inarguably represents poor customer service.

What is rude is your vulgarity. So uncouth. But I respect your right to have your opinion, and hope you have a fine day.

It can be both :grinning:

And I no longer want any compensation. My “anniversary” & “emoji” badges for participating in a message board are payment enough.

Not sure what you’re referring to. But you’re absolutely correct that you’re not worth my time. Or anyone else’s. Very grateful that I’m not in a league with someone as petty and ridiculous as yourself.

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I’m locking this thread because it is not productive.

No one is getting a free t-shirt because the NFL canceled a football game due to a player having a cardiac arrest on the field. I never responded to email or this thread because i didn’t think i needed to explicitly say that but here we are.

If you think this is poor customer service, I do not know how to address that other than to say it isn’t. We followed the protocol dictated by being a fantasy sports provider that is beholden to the official statistics from the NFL. I did my best to communicate it: