Future changes

I’m all for continuous improvement and I think the addition of a second utility slot is some thing I would’ve advocated for starting from the beginning but one of the things I noticed throughout the season was that I initially had a very deep team but realized I was losing a lot of value by only having limited positions and games at a position so during the course of the season I adjusted my strategy to become much more top-heavy in the two leagues that I’m participating in

And then now going into the second season the second utility slot was added and now I’m at a big disadvantage so I guess what I’m saying is that if it’s at all possible it would be IMHO To announce changes a year in advance of when they would be implemented

For example on the propose changes to categories that was made in a post recently I strongly agree with those proposed changes but if teams have been drafting and making trades and deciding keepers based on the existing category structure I’m not sure it’s really fair to change it midstream unless perhaps it’s unanimous or 75% of the league agrees to it or something like that

The other thought I had is that if it’s clear that a change would make the leagues better than in an ideal world those changes could go into effect right away for start up leagues but leagues that have already been in existence maybe would get a one year hiatus before implementing them I realize however that that presents a whole other set of complexities

And I’m not intending for this to be a hissy fit or to say I’m quitting or anything like that it’s just some thing that came to mind based off of how I structured my teams going through last year and then the proposed category changes being brought up recently

And as I write this post I guess the only thing that is clear is that there is no easy answer for these types of decisions

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I wrote about timing of Ottoneu changes in this thread about Shohei Ohtani:

Hopefully that speaks to why the timing is what it is for changes - they’ll never be mid-season but they will also never be a full year out. I think 8 months or thereabouts is the sweet spot unless something is absolutely game-breaking.

That sounds about as fair as you can get it I suppose.

I guess I might just have some sour grapes that the change negatively affected my team performance even though I think it positively impacts the overall quality of the league those are the give-and-take’s of life I suppose