Game Caps, H2H, and the playoffs for the 2019 season

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Breaking this out into its own FAQ post. There is a positional game cap for H2H for the 2019 season. It will probably go away or turn into something else (weekly positional caps?) for 2020; that is yet to be determined.

Game caps are not considered during the playoffs, no matter what your regular season scoring format is.


There also will probably be a scaled cap for playoff leagues that have points/roto regular seasons in 2020. Something like 135 games per position.

I think having it go away is a good solution. Any number under 7 would require sitting star players, and having a cap set at 7 is kinda redundant. If the cap was set a 6 for instance, I bet a lot of folks would just end up missing out on Sunday scoring since many owners don’t ever move their best players out of their primary position.

For H2H this year, with the cap set at 162 games per position and the regular season being 160 days, the cap really doesn’t seem to matter. I think…


I agree with @Leif. A positional cap doesn’t seem to be needed for H2H. I’ve never been in a H2H league (other than here) that had positional caps. I don’t think I’ve ever seen streaming hitters work out as a winning strategy (unliking the pitching hoarding that can happen). But I’d be interested to hear about folks who advocate for a H2H positional cap- what was the benefit?

If there needs to be one- for consistency in Ottoneu, I guess- I’d support a weekly cap similar to the SP cap. But, again, why?


Good feedback, thank you!

Actually, to reconsider, I think I’d rather support the same 162 positional cap as the rest of Ottoneu but do make it enforceable in the playoffs. I think that is better than a weekly cap (given the good stepping through by @Leif). It would allow for some strategy determinations for benching/rotating players and positions in weeks that you have the match in hand. And thereby possibly allowing a weaker (in that week anyway) team to catch up a bit. It’s like the old MarioKart last place assist.

And this is coming from someone who literally lost his league championship on the final day of the playoffs due to the caps being enforced (in error?) last year.

I personally don’t see need for position player caps in H2H, and I really really don’t see the need for a MarioKart-like last place assist in fantasy baseball. Each week, beat on each other until you have a winner, and then reset the next week. Let the best players play as much as they do in real life. Plus, I imagine tied records are fairly common, so the season-total points will come into play quite a bit.