Game Status Updates for Weather

Does anybody know of an app or website that will sends out accurate/timely notifications regarding weather related delays and postponements?

Try this:

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I’m not sure the verbiage of these weather reports makes that much sense when you see 24% of rain causing a likely rainout but …

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Rotowire is one I’ve been checking as well. I’m hoping somebody knows of an app that will send notifications so I don’t need to constantly check myself…

Also, I always seem to notice 5 minutes to late…I need instantaneous automatic weather updates! It seems like it should be a feature of MLB at Bat, but I don’t think it is…

I second this. I’ve had SO many guys locked into my roster who’s games have been PPD in this first week. I need something that pushes alerts once games have been delayed or postponed.

Push alerts is a tall order for sure. Although it is the internet- surely it should exist.

I use as well. It also tracks RP pitch count over the last 3 days and has one glance starter schedules. The free version suits me fine. I like it a lot. But it is a bummer to enter all the players manually (and the maintenance of your roster if you’re active) but totally worth it.