Games played column on standings#statistics table

I think it’d be really helpful to have the number of games played by the offense of each team when evaluating my current performance, especially this early in the season. Basically the same as the IP column for pitchers. Thanks!

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At the bottom of the Standings page, there is a “Games Played” graph that you can customize by position and team. Does this help?

It might help if there was a way to see the GP for the whole team, not just specific positions, but I think it’d be more useful in the table. I’m looking at my standings right now and some teams have some pretty gaudy numbers compared to the rest of the league. Seeing games played would help put some perspective on that (are they outperforming, or just out-starting the rest of the league).

I could maybe add total games played to the graph at the bottom - are you playing in a roto league?

Yessir, Old School (5x5).

Thanks for looking into it. It’s not a huge issue, but just something I get curious about when looking at the standings. Especially this early in the season.

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Yeah, no problem.

Roto leagues now show total games played in the statistics table.