Games played vs at bats or plate appearances

Would it be possible/sensible to consider using at bats or plate appearances instead of games played or having the option to do so for the purpose of positional limits? We use innings pitched and not games pitched on the pitching side, just curious why no one seems to do the same on the offensive side.

Interesting idea. Shifting from looking at points per game when assessing hitters, it would be points per at bat. P/AB might be a more accurate value to look at in terms of a hitters point production as well.

The 162 number is significant and appropriate of course, yet I see your point

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That’s a good point about points/AB or PA. I hadn’t considered that, but you’re right it would be more accurate to look at production on that basis.

I’m not sure if the benefit would outweigh the effort in implementing a change like that but I think it makes sense. I don’t think most people would care though because 162 works well enough and is easier to comprehend as a denominator. It would be nice not to burn a GP when you leave a player in the lineup and they don’t start but make a pinch hitting appearance.

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