Gauging interest in a second 20-team Ottoneu FGpts league

I’ve played in Ottoneu’s only 20-team FanGraphs points league the past 2 seasons, and it has become my favorite format. I’ve been thinking a second 20-team league would be fun, and I wanted to see if anyone else might be interested in such a league.

The roster construction would be similar to a standard league with 40 roster spots and a $400 budget. Success requires digging deeper into the player pool - with 800 players rostered vs the standard 480 players rostered in a 12-team league. Roster construction also would be the same as standard Ottoneu rosters (5 OF, 5 SP, 5 RP, etc).

Arbitration would work in a similar fashion to the standard Ottoneu rules. Each team would have $25 to allocate to the other 19 teams, meaning teams can be hit with more than the standard cap of $33 in arbitration we see in a 12-team league.

The auction for the first year and all succeeding years would be held via slow auction using Couch Managers or a similar service.

If you are interested or have any questions, please respond to this thread. If enough interest is gathered, I will ask if a second league can be created in the system


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What league number is the 20 teamer? I wanted to browse.

The 20 team league is here: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Twenty Sided Diamond (1053)

**Edit: all replacement teams are claimed at this time, thank you!

I will also mention (thanks Marc for letting me bump this here as well) we will likely have three openings up for the taking in that league. Teams are listed below, please DM with interest as we will look to clear these teams and find replacements this week (only expecting these three teams but could be more after the renewal deadline as well):

I’m interested.

H2H or Points?

Points. $20 tier

But yeah, check out the links Mike posted for the 3 available teams in the existing league as well

DM’d you. I’d be interested in the existing league.

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