Global Leaderboards and External Resources

I’m rolling out a few cosmetic improvements this morning that I think y’all will like.

  1. I’ve added a link to the newly created Global Leaderboards on the Standings page. The Global Leaderboards show the top 50 point totals for each of the 6 game types. This includes H2H - we are showing points, not standings. I am open to feedback on this. Inspired by this comment by @tuggernuts - check them out!
  2. I’ve merged the Calendar into the Finances page on your league home page. I hope this makes the Calendar more prominent, since it is an important resource for your league.
  3. I’ve moved the games played and games projected tables out of the Finances page onto the Standings page.
  4. The interface for the graphs have been improved to better fit with the current site design.
  5. The player search page now has clearer links to external resources, including newly added links to RotoGraphs and Rotoballer coverage of Ottoneu. I’d like to group these external resources and move them to a more prominent place on the site, but I haven’t quite wrapped my head around where yet. I think this will do for now, but I’m very open to suggestions.

Please let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for your continued support of Ottoneu!


Nice work!

Would it possible to make the Games Played and Innings Pitched (current and prospective) tables have sortable columns?

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Ah I overlooked that. Done!

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I believe that the link to “Average Salaries” is not working. Thanks.

Another oops. This is now fixed.

Thank you for continuing to make a great product better.


I love the global leaderboard! Very cool. I’m in a H2H Fangraphs league and it is interesting to see where our teams are landing in comparison.

However: what’s the deal with the team TBD in The Masters league? All the best players on one team for $1 each? Skews the salary averages and leaderboards a bit. I’m sure that the team is functioning as some sort of special league mechanic, and I’m super curious.

Anyone in The Masters league wanna share their special rules? I’m a nerd and love customization!

Good catch. I think that team belongs to @jashrewsbury but not sure why all the players are so cheap


No we do not.

Thanks for enquiring but applications were never open.

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Sorry, didn’t mean to imply an application. Rather just curious about custom rules as I like to tinker with our league.

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