Great 5x5 League with 8MiLB

Active league entering year 8 in need of one replacement owner. We have a great group and retention rate. Nine of the founding owners are still in place and we’ve had 5 different champions in the first 7 years. We’re also really active on our league slack so it makes for great community throughout the season.

The open team is: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Can of Corn Baseball League - Holy City Sinners. We’re actively planning our draft day/time now and the owner who takes on this team will be allowed to make cuts.

If you’re interested in learning more about the league, message me directly and I will share our charter as well as our 8MiLB roster.

I joined last season and glad I did. League is engaging both in transactions and especially talking baseball in Slack. I would highly recommend joining.

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Could I see the charter and MiLB Roster? Also, is the upcoming draft for first year players and what pick would this team have? Thanks so much.

Hey man I’m very interested if this team is still available

Interested if you have a spot. I’ve played fantasy baseball for over 40 years and am comissioner of several baseball and football leagues. Want to join a dynasty league.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest. We have filled this spot and are preparing for the season.Good luck to all of you.