Gridiron Geeks Start/Sit for Week 1 (and results)

For posterity’s sake, here were the start/sit picks from Tom and myself for Week 1, as well as the positional results (using .5 PPR):

QB Tyrod Taylor (Justin)- QB31
QB Derek Carr (Tom)- QB12

RB Spencer Ware (J)- RB2
RB DeAngelo Williams (T)- RB1

WR Sammy Watkins (J)- WR65
WR Amari Cooper (T)- WR12

TE Dwayne Allen (J)- TE3
TE Julius Thomas (T)- TE2


QB Philip Rivers (J)- QB20
QB Andy Dalton (T)- QB14

RB Arian Foster (J)- RB24
RB Thomas Rawls (T)- RB37

WR Jarvis Landry (J)- WR42
WR Julian Edelman (T)- WR29

TE Gary Barnidge (J)- TE52
TE Zach Miller (T)- TE32


Overall I think we did pretty well, though my Tyrod/Watkins combo pick ended up being pretty terrible. We absolutely nailed our four TE picks though!

This is probably the best we’ve ever done - certainly my best week, as long as Williams does something decent tonight.

Not only did I screw up the Tyrod/Watkins picks, but I might have jinxed both players as well:

This is super cool, looking forward to this series continuing as the season progresses. Hopefully before the games next time :slight_smile:

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Well we typically announce our picks on the podcast, but going forward we will be posting them here first, and reviewing them after the fact to see how we did. It’s our way of cross-promoting the community and Gridiron Geeks!


The Tyrod/Watkins picks weren’t your fault anyways. The biggest reason Tyrod got paid was because he was elite on throwing the ball 20+ yards. So, going into a game against a depleted secondary should be exactly what the doctor ordered. Oh but wait…the head coach is Rex Ryan and his OC is Greg Roman. All offseason the Bills messaging was they’d be opening up the entire playbook to TT because they wouldn’t be playing catchup on installing the offense. Again, all good things to hear for fantasy purposes. Then game time comes and Rex and Greg decide they throw one ball more than 20 yards in the air and that was because Taylor scrambled like a madman and made a play.

This is literally Greg Roman’s playbook:


That’s a fair point, but I also should have properly accounted for the probability of the Bills pulling a Flubbalo

No rational human being would’ve guessed that they wouldn’t even try on offense.

Looks like DeAngelo Williams is going to round out this set well, he’s at about 23 points in the fourth quarter, and the Steelers are up 15, so he’ll likely get a few more running chances.

I just updated for the final weekly ranks, I think we did pretty well with our RB Start picks :slight_smile:

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We killed it this week - the Tyrod/Watkins combo let us down and my Dalton sit was pretty lukewarm but I’d say 13 of 16 is a pretty solid set.