Gridiron Geeks Start/Sit for Week 2 (early results)

We are posting our full Start/Sit picks here in the community, and will just highlight our Start/Sit of the week on this week’s podcast.


QB Matt Stafford vs TEN (Justin)- QB20
QB Eli Manning vs NO (Tom)- QB23

RB TJ Yeldon @SD (J)- RB26
RB Jonathan Stewart vs SF (T)- RB59

WR Julian Edelman vs MIA (J)- WR35
WR Jordy Nelson @ MIN (T)- WR16

TE Delanie Walker @ DET (J)- TE3
TE Julius Thomas @ SD (T)- TE14


QB Andrew Luck @ DEN (J)- QB26
QB Tyrod Taylor vs NYJ (T)- QB4

RB Carlos Hyde @ CAR (J)- RB45
RB Frank Gore @ DEN (T)- RB12

WR DeSean Jackson vs DAL (J)- WR63
WR TY Hilton @ DEN (T)- WR59

TE Gary Barnidge vs BAL (J)- TE23
TE Vance McDonald @ CAR (T)- TE6

Alright I’m riding with Delanie Walker over Jack Doyle, aka the guy who had 10 auctions start the moment he caught that second TD on Sunday.

The Tyrell Williams auctions have been off the wall too, I saw somebody bid $40!! We encouraged being aggressive early but some teams are going to burn through their cash pretty fast.

Yeah all it takes is two teams deciding to bid $40 to make that strategy backfire. It bears repeating- in ottoneu (Vickrey style) second price auctions your best strategy is to bid exactly what you think a player is worth (to you), no more and no less. Maybe Tyrell is worth $40 to you, because you have a gaping hole at WR and $70 in open cap, but I think that is rare.

That Tyrod Taylor sit pick is likely going to end up as a miss, sorry @oltarzewskt1

Yeah I’d imagine so. I still feel fine about the logic though - Taylor still looked awfully shaky at times during the game, I’m not sure this reassured me very much for the rest of the season.

I did say on the season preview show that the Jets have a knack for injecting chaos into any game - I guess I was more right than I realized!

Yeah divisional games also tend to be a little wacky, and I agree that Tyrod still looked pretty bad (mostly with his short/intermediate throws, he had no “touch” at all).

Yeah - he looked good on a couple deep balls but terrible on a lot of mid-distance passes. A bunch of times it looked like he had someone wide open about 15 yards out and just threw it way over their head, or put his head down and ran, only to get tackled for a loss anyway.

This was definitely a worse week for us compared to last week, especially our Start picks (which podcast listeners will recognize as our standard M.O. from last season).

Oof, yeah, I think my sit guys were better than my start guys on average. We’ll hope for better luck next week!

It looks like we went 2-6 on starts, and 5-3 on sits.

Last week we were 6-2 on starts, and 7-1 on sits. Though some of those wins and losses are right on the edge.

Amazingly we don’t even get a pass on anyone who got injured, despite all the health problems players had this week.

I will say though, this seemed like an awfully brutal week for bad performances and ugly games. I feel good about the logic behind most of our picks and I’d probably make similar choices if we had another shot. Sometimes you just get burned anyway :fire:

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