GS Cap reset to 0 (affecting many H2H leagues)


I am commish of League 962 which is the BRENT BRIDWELL MEMORIAL PUBLIC LEAGUE 131. On our lineup page our GS Cap has changed from 9 to unlimited. I didn’t make this change and I can’t seem to change it back. Can this be looked into please?


same issue here in League 945 which went from 10 to 2 SP/day

I will investigate these right now.

I’ve fixed these two. Please let me know if there are other leagues where this issue has shown up. I think it was related to DB issues mid-day.

These leagues also need their matchups per week updated - please let me know what they are supposed to be and I’ll take care of that as well.

Ours was 9 and it looks correct now.

Thank you.

League 1086 looks to be having the same issue as well. We should have 8 GS cap per week and 4 H2H matchups per week, as well.

1086 should be fixed.

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League 532 also has a GS Cap issue. All of the teams have a max of 2 starts per day even if they have 3 or more starts in the matchup week.

What is your league setting supposed to be?

It’s 9 GS per week. I’m only at 3 starts for example and I only have 2 SP slots for tomorrow. The rest of the league is the same way.

1037 similar issue. Only 2 SP slots available. No Start Counter either.

I need to know what your GS cap was so I can change it back.

League 845 having similar issues. It looks like it reverted back to the original two start per day cap instead of the 10 starts per week cap we are supposed to have.

League 1019 has gone from an 8 GS Cap per week down to the 2 daily slots as well, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am on it for all these leagues and will update shortly.

532, 845, and 1019 have all been updated to the correct values.

The underlying bug that caused GS caps to be reset incorrectly has been resolved. I am going to see if I can restore a backup from yesterday on specifically GS cap settings to undo the bug that showed up yesterday.

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I’ve restored H2H options, including Matchups Per Week and SP GS Cap, from 4 days ago. This should resolve this issue for any leagues who had their settings changed / reset yesterday.


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