Gsellman - RP Eligibility?

New to the game this year, but wondering if I’m missing something on Gsellman having RP eligibility after his 5th appearance last night.


5 starts, 10 appearances. And SP/RP eligibility doesn’t really matter, per this thread:

The rule states: Players will be given RP eligibility if they pitch in relief in 5 regular season games in the current or preceding year.

Shouldn’t both Gsellman and Amir Garrett have RP eligibility now after 7 and 5 relief appearances this year, respectively?

Maybe, but the underlying point that it doesn’t really matter in terms of setting a lineup stands.

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Yep, Gsellman and Garrett and a few others should have RP eligibility, and will get it before tomorrow’s games.

Isn’t this a non-issue? It’s addressed on the lineup page, “To get credit for a pitcher’s performance, you must play him in the same role as his major league team uses him. Pitchers who start in real life must be put into SP roles, and pitchers who come out of the pen must be put into RP roles, regardless of eligibility.”

I have McHugh, who is technically only SP eligible, in an RP slot.


The issue was that Gsellman only had SP eligibility. So I wasn’t even able to use him in my lineup even though he had made 5 RP appearances this year.

Yes you were, any pitcher can be placed at SP or RP in your lineup.

I agree that I can definitely do that now with any pitcher, but when I originally picked up Gsellman I tried to put him in the RP slot and I’m 93% sure it was grayed out. Obviously can’t recreate that now.

I respectfully disagree with your memory on this. Nothing has changed about where you can put pitchers, and @eamuscatuli and @GermUrn both confirmed they can put any pitcher in either SP or RP slots. Unless you have Shohei Ohtani, and he was in the RP slot that you wanted to put Gsellman in, and this happened last week, there is no chance the RP slot was grayed out.