H2H "all-play" vs. entire league

I’m in a H2H league and we adopted the H2H with 4 weekly matches per week - it’s been great so far.

Is it possible to add H2H “all-play” setting where everyone plays everyone else each week? I think I like it better than H2H w/ 4 matches b/c you get to play everyone & it still has the H2H “matchup” flavor. This would have the added bonus of making the matchups/schedule page less cluttered, only a list of everyone’s scores.


I… think this is just season long points?

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It’s similar for sure. The biggest difference is that all-play may blunt large streaky performances week-to-week; these might get a lot of points, but in all-play its just another win. Seems to value consistently beating your league every week more than crushing the league every-so-often.

Plus you get the weekly H2H wins/losses which I think is fun.

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What about an option for, in addition to your H2H matchup, you had a 2nd matchup for finishing top 6? So if you played the 4th best team for the week but finished 5th you’d be 1-1 (the 4th best team in this scenario would be 2-0)? I think the 4 H2H matchup functions similarly, but loses a bit of the fun and strategy of weekly matchups.