H2H Champions League

Is anyone interested in starting a ‘Champions League’ for H2H?

This would be a new league for 2019 with owners that have won at least one Ottoneu championship in the last couple of years. The primary purpose would be to get together a group of good, active owners that enjoy the H2H format.


I’m in, I was thinking this of this a day or two ago. My team Freak-A-Zoids won the Ottoneubs League H2H this year. Sign me up.

With only one person indicating interest in the league, I’d like to open it up for ideas for anyone that might be interested in a more serious H2H league? I’m personally not a fan of overly complex leagues (e.g., separate charters, etc.) but do think it would be fun to get a bunch of people that have had success or are ‘experts’ to compete against each other in H2H. Any ideas?

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I would be interested.

This sounds like fun! Champion in 2018 and would be down.

The Ottoneu Champions H2H league has been created. We are now recruiting active owners that have previously won an Ottoneu league. It’s an opportunity to draft a team from the beginning, and compete with other good owners.

Send me a message if you’re interested. We’ll have a vote on format (esp. GS cap) as well as draft dates. Thanks.

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I’m interested.

Excellent. The idea for 2020 has evolved a bit. I’d suggest reaching out to David Gagnon on the slack channel about the ‘multi-division’ champions league.