H2H Fangraph Points - $50 - Slow Auction - FILLED!

Good morning,

I’ve been on the lookout for a $50 H2H points league, but I haven’t found the right fit or keep missing out for various reasons. So, I’ll create a league if I get enough interest in it.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the parameters;

  • 12 teams split into two divisions
  • Playoff matchup all one week
  • $50 entry fee
  • Slow draft using Couch Managers, which will start as soon as we fill the league.

Whether you are new to Ottoneu, or a veteran looking for a new challenge, you are welcome here! The only requirement for the league is DON’T BE A JERK!

Message me or respond to this thread if you are interested. Once I get six people, I’ll create the league and send out invites.


I’ve gotten a lot of interest, and it’s only been a day. I’m going to go ahead and create this league, and we still have a few spots available, so if you’re interested, message me or respond to this thread right now! Don’t even stop to read the comments. Respond first. You can always go back and read later!

Hey Greenman - Im interested

I’m interested in finding a league with 11 other owners borderline obsessed with Ottoneu baseball, not just a hobby. If you go that route, would love to join. If not, maybe somebody reading this will. Good luck!

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I’d be interested- thanks

Messaged you, but posting here as well about interest. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten enough interest, that I think this league will work out. I’ll create it and start sending out invites.

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I am interested in spots are still available

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i’m interested in this league - are there spots still available? I’ve been in the same dynasty league for 10+ years on fantrax and wanted to try Ottoneu.

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If you’ve responded to this thread you’ve been invited. If you haven’t received the invite or password message me.

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I’m interested. New to Ottoneau but will be active and eager to get things started. Let me know if there is a spot still available.
Thank you.

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Very interested. I sent you a message. Thanks

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I’m very interested if there is still a spot available. Thanks

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