H2H Fangraphs - Active Roster Change/Innings Limits?

Hi @nivshah – thanks so much for creating such a fun game! Apologies if this has been posted somewhere else (I did some browsing and couldn’t find the appropriate thread) but has there been a conclusion on projected active roster changes/scoring changes to the H2H Fangraphs Points leagues? I know you’ve had discussions previously about potentially changing having only 2 SP slots or capping innings within a matchup etc. I ask before this could have a big impact on player value and will impact my league’s keeper decisions. For example, if we keep just 2 SP slots and don’t cap innings, a good strategy is to load up on decent SPs and always throw two every single day. Just curious where we’re headed as the keeper deadline approaches. Thanks!

We’re calling that the GS Cap around here, so search for that:

It’s a league specific option, so your league should have a conversation about how you want to proceed.

You can also separately set the GS per Matchup Cap for playoffs.


Understood and I like the solution! Thanks!

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