H2H / FGPTS Mirror League

Next year I think it would be really interesting to take one of my existing points leagues (same owners) and start the season with the exact same rosters in the H2H format (essentially starting the season in both formats with the same rosters).

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I think crossing over a points-style scoring with a roto-style scoring would be pretty compelling. H2H vs season-long are slightly different from each other but ultimately boil down to the same positive and negative “actions” - a HR is worth the same in both leagues, for example. A points-roto combo league could result in some wild trade offs.


Would there be a way to have a combo-scoring league, something with 2 separate roster pages to set and champion was determined based on cumulative of H2H and Points rankings?

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Might be better to set it up so that one league could have two scoring systems, so only leagues with common lineup settings could be combo’d up.

The differences between a FGPts and SABRPts H2H league would be fascinating… Or obviously the ideal would be getting around to roto-based H2H…


I think the two most interesting comparisons would be one league with a FGPTS and Roto scoring feature, or FGPTS (season long) and H2H component. A league where there was a prize for winning “both sides” (FGPTS side and Roto side) would be really interesting because the strategies are very different. A trade for Mallex Smith makes sense one side (Roto) and maybe not the other (FGPTS). I wonder if this would be somewhat of a solution to keeper owners engaged, because at some point in the season they could shift to moving their focus in gameplay/strategy to one scoring side if things don’t break right in the other.

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Roto in general allows for more paths to victory and more ways to compete, especially compared to season-long points. We don’t particularly have an issue with engagement in my league, which has been running for 5 years longer than anyone else’s. This might be because we may have a lower bar for what is acceptable engagement, but I think the fact that we have 5-6 buyers every year all the way up until August probably also helps.

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I think you’d find that most league standings wouldn’t really change