H2H In-Season Player Auction Priority

Niv, can you review how player auction priority works in season in H2H? Will teams with the worst overall record receive priority with the tie breaker going to fewest YTD points scored, or some other system?

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Right now it should be total points. I will confirm tomorrow AM.

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It is currently total points scored. Obviously this week that is fine, but next week it will have to go to best overall record first, with the second tiebreaker being overall points for the season.

Is it different for waiver claims? I lost a “coin-toss” for a $1 waiver claim on 4/2 to a team that had more YTD points scored in the first 3 days of the season. Everybody is currently 0-0 in standings since its week 1 of H2H.

I’ll make sure it is record and then team points for tiebreakers on both. @Leif if you want to DM me your league’s home page I can see what happened for you.