H2H Lineup Issues, 3/30/2019

My lineup is completely messed up and i cannot change it. my points have not changed since thursday night. every player is on the bench and i had a bunch of players not even on my team listed as my starting pitchers on saturday.

whats going on???

Could you link me to your team? In general if you have urgent issues, please email help@ottoneu.com.

Ok I did some homework:


Could you let me know which players are listed here that aren’t on your team?

Could you also let me know what happens when you try to change your lineup?

it seems fine now. i had a bunch of hispanic players. dont remember their names cuz they disappeared but i couldnt change my lineup for saturday or sunday. i changed it tonite for monday, just to see if on monday things were different. there are a couple of teams in my league (public league 131) who had the same problem.

thats not what my lineup looked like on sat morning when i went in to change it. i had 3 infielders as starting pitchers and couldnt change them out. like i mentioned, there were several hispanic named players who i did not recognize. i went in this morning and could not change it again. this evening, every player was on my bench, with no one in my minors. i had to redo it all.

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When you say “could not change it” what does that mean? Was there an error message? I’m just trying to understand so that it doesn’t happen again.

For anyone new to the platform that has issues, please email help@ottoneu.com as soon as possible - it is the best way to reach me and allows me to help you immediately instead of hearing about issues that I’ve either fixed for other people or were temporal for whatever reason.

There was an issue that arose yesterday afternoon where the wrong players were showing up as SPs, but it was confirmed resolved within a couple of hours. This issue arose once games started on Saturday, so around 1pm ET, and was fixed around 6pm ET. I’m not sure what timezone you are in, but that may have been the issue.

There have been a few weirdnesses this weekend on mobile (all I’ve used this weekend). I noticed on Sat that my final two SP slots were filled with a blank UTL player and a random (nonrostered) UTL when I initially went to set my lineup. And I couldn’t move them (I suspect because they were UTL players). I thought it might have to do with the new GS lineup limiter. But when I refreshed things were working correctly again.

Today I went to set my lineup and got an error “this player has already been removed from lineup”. Can’t remember if it caused a refresh, but either way entire lineup was suddenly on the bench. I reinserted everyone and have had no problems since.

Didn’t report anything as nothing was repeatable/persistent and I assumed wierd caching issue or something (I’m on and off the site a lot for multiple teams).

League 935

This is helpful, I’ll investigate further. The site should not be moving everyone to the bench for anyone’s lineup and it seems like in some cases it is.

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i played last year and am not new to how to change my lineup. i could not substitute any of the misplaced players nor could i get rid of the mystery players on my team.

Yes but those mystery players weren’t on your team this morning and you still weren’t able to set your lineup. Any more information about why you weren’t able to set your lineup this morning would be good because I don’t want you (or anyone) to run into that again.

i clicked on each players designation (bench or position) and nothing happened. i could not move any player anywhere, to the starting lineup or to the bench. i missed starting pitchers and other players i wanted to sub out.

Just for clarity, the mystery players were:

Luis Lopez
Jorge Antonio Trujillo
Vander Herrera
Federico Ledezma

These are players with the ID 1-4 in the Ottoneu system. They were being displayed due to a coding error, not because they were put on anyone’s teams or in anyone’s lineups in place of any SPs.

I’ll try and replicate. I was online this morning, and I am sorry I could not have helped you get your lineup set today. Definitely email me at help@ottoneu.com if this ever happens again right away, I’ll do my best to get whatever issues fixed so you can set your lineups.

thats neither here nor there. i couldnt do anything with them on my team. hopefully i win this week and the point will be moot. i was winning on friday evening and the score still shows me up.

will do. thanks for your help

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Yeah I’m sorry we couldn’t get it fixed this morning, but at least you’re able to set your lineups for tomorrow and going forward you should be good. If not, absolutely let me know ASAP.

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I can confirm this happened. As it shows on the matchup page here: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/962/game?id=4150#box-score his whole roster is benched and none of the stats counted. Are you able to retroactively adjust that?

It also happened to me for April 1st. My entire team was benched without action from me. When I tried to move a player into the lineup the error was that the player had already been moved off the bench and to refresh the page. A refresh fixed it but if you didn’t see the error you may not have thought to refresh. I wouldn’t think this visual bug would affect scores, but as you can see from the example above his scores did not count at all for March 31.

Yeah I emailed with him a bit - I’m happy to set his lineup for Saturday and Sunday to be the same as Friday if that is ok with your league.

There are two issues at play - the one where the wrong players were displaying, which has been fixed, and an issue where entire lineups are being moved to the bench, which I am investigating. Going forward if anyone runs into the problem where their entire lineup is moved to the bench, please let me know.

As the commish of the league I would say it is only fair the lineup can be adjusted as it was a technical issue. I think you can go ahead.

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