H2H Lineups page showing over IP limit

I’m in a H2H FG pts league. My team lineups page is telling me that I’ve met my IP limit for the year. I assume this is a mistake as this type of league doesn’t have an IP limit, right? How can I fix this? Thanks.

I’ll check into this. I know on the backend there isn’t a check for IP limits for H2H leagues. Where are you seeing this message on the lineup page? Could you take a screenshot?

Thanks for the quick reply. The issue seems to have gone away, and I’m not sure why.

It was a red error message at the top of my lineups page when I went to set my SP for the next couple of days. If it shows up again I’ll take a screen shot.

Separately, thanks for managing a really great game.

Yeah no problem! Thanks for the kind words.

I changed the site to explicitly never tell a H2H team they are over IP limits, so maybe that did it. Making quite a rat’s nest over here…