H2H Matchups - Pitchers Remaining - Quick Glance

Howdy! Our league switched to H2H this year and we are loving it.

One thing that would be great to see is the ability to view all the Starting Pitchers Remaining for all 12 teams at a glance in H2H for each week. The benefit would be to see how you stack up against the rest of the league if you aren’t facing them that week. We also run 4 matchups per week, so I am clicking each matchup detail, then scrolling down to see how many are remaining for each matchup.

One idea would be to put them on the live stats page, example below:

Another idea would be to put them in all matchup details too, example below:


Have a wonderful day! - John

I like the idea of having it in the matchup summary at the bottom of today’s stats, as seen in the second screenshot. Currently, if I’m ahead or behind, I wonder if it’s due to a dramatic difference in starts. So, I then click details and scroll down to see my opponents starts remaining. Then, I repeat for my other opponent, because we are doing two matchups. Having the starts available right there on the summary at the bottom of today’s stats would achieve the same thing without any clicking.

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I’ll take a pass at this next week


Sweet! Thanks Niv

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It might also be nice to see the same info on the lineups page. Might help inform roster decisions without having to leave the lineups page. Thanks for reading.

SP Starts Remaining have been added to the Today’s Stats page. On desktop, you can see them on the left side:

You can also see this information next to the PITCHERS header on the Today’s Stats page.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 9.49.11 AM

This was the best place to put this information so people could see all the teams in one go.


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Thank you Niv! Super fun to be apart of a community where you take recommendations and put it into practice. Ottoneu rocks!

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This looks great - thanks!

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