H2H Playoff Caps

I’m in a new H2H league, and want to make sure I’m planning properly. For the playoffs, are the 162 game limits still in place?

No, season-long caps disappear in the playoffs. The playoff SP GS cap is the only playoff game cap.

Awesome, I figured as much but hadn’t seen it spelled out. Thanks for responding!

What end date does the “Games Played” projection (table at the bottom of the team page) use?

It doesn’t use a date. It uses a rate: Total MLB Games Played / Total MLB Games. So it assumes a full 162 game MLB season.


GS Cap for positional players:

Points League - Important and helpful, everyone is competing until the end of the MLB season and needs to track games played accordingly.

H2H - Is irrelevant and can be ignored. Since regular season ends a month early, it will be really hard to hit the 162 game cap.

Does that summarize things accurately? If its incorrect or more confusing feel free to delete…

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Points AND roto leagues that don’t have playoffs, GS caps matter. In leagues with playoffs they don’t matter.

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For the GS cap in the H2H playoffs, does the cap double for a 2-week championship? For example, my league has a 10 GS cap per week. In the 2-week championship, will that stay at 10 GS or be 20 GS?

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Good question!

Long matchups and the championship game are treated separately. The championship game should reset the GS cap on Monday. The GS cap will not reset for a long matchup, i.e. around the All-Star break.


Makes sense – thanks! Now I just have to try and get to the championship game. :slight_smile:

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