H2h win-loss record not showing

The win-loss records in my h2h league are not displaying this morning. Every team is still listed as 0-0.

This is now fixed. Thanks for the note.

It’s fixed on the league pages, but oddly my /userdashboard still shows 0-0 record and 11th place ranks

Thanks for letting me know. I think this is a separate issue where the dashboard is not showing the real-time stats but instead whatever the state was yesterday. In this case, that would be before games are final. I’m investigating!

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Cool, obviously it’s not a priority, just something I noticed when looking at all my teams on that page

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Ok this should be fixed.

My attempted fix here broke some other stuff so I rolled it back. Will continue to investigate why the dashboard shows H2H standings a day behind.

Ok I believe this should be fixed correctly now.

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I know there was a major issue with the site this morning, but this h2h scoring issue seems to be back as well.

Ah yes, certainly related. Maybe next week we can start clean.

I believe this is fixed now.