Head 2 Head - 2 week playoff - how many starts?

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Niv, I’m in league 532 and our starts per week is set to 9. We have a two week championship week…how many starts total do you get for the 2 week playoff? Is it 9 or 18? If I look at my starts remaining today (9/13) it says I have 5 starts left, but if I go to Monday’s roster lineup it says I have 9. If I click on the details for the matchup it says we each have 9 left, but I have already made 4 starts this week.

This is also on the rules page:

I. e. ii. D. In two-week playoff games, the GS cap will reset at the end of the first week and before the second week begins on the second Monday in the matchup

Thanks Niv. That answers my question.

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This should help document it for the future as well. Good luck in the playoffs!