Head 2 Head - 2 week playoff - how many starts?

Niv, I’m in league 532 and our starts per week is set to 9. We have a two week championship week…how many starts total do you get for the 2 week playoff? Is it 9 or 18? If I look at my starts remaining today (9/13) it says I have 5 starts left, but if I go to Monday’s roster lineup it says I have 9. If I click on the details for the matchup it says we each have 9 left, but I have already made 4 starts this week.

This is also on the rules page:

I. e. ii. D. In two-week playoff games, the GS cap will reset at the end of the first week and before the second week begins on the second Monday in the matchup

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Thanks Niv. That answers my question.

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This should help document it for the future as well. Good luck in the playoffs!

Hey, sorry to bother Niv, I’m in the finals in my H2H league and it’s a 2 week championship.

However, on the league page it says the final week will last from, SEPTEMBER 26 TO OCTOBER 5, instead of ending this Sunday October 2nd.

Is this accurate or is this just a visual bug? If it’s accurate does the weekly starter cap reset on Monday or is it just 10 starters for those 10 days?


It’s accurate, it’s a long week, there is no reset.

EDIT Had some further thoughts

This is unique to the 2022 season because of the lockout and the season ending on a Wednesday. In general I would expect MLB seasons to end on a Sunday and scenarios like this to be unlikely in the future, but if a season ends on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday the previous Sunday will reset the GS cap, and if the season ends on a Monday-Thursday the previous Sunday will not reset the GS cap.

One thing this season has made clear is that it would be very helpful if the schedule page showed how many GS resets a matchup has if any, so I will be adding that notation this offseason.

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