Head to Head Badges

Might be worth thinking about some H2H specific badges as the format is a little different. Off the top of my head- Squeaker (win a matchup by less than 1 point); Max Effort (over 1900 innings pitched in a season); Undefeated (no loss season); Hard Luck (lose a matchup by less than 1 point); Double Down (defeat an opponent by double their points).

Any others that are unique to the H2H format?


@LuckyStrikes: just giving a +1 to this. @nivshah I moved this to Wishlist- hope that’s cool.

Anyone have any other ideas for H2H badges?

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Good reminder. Definitely should put these together, could have some crossover with football as well.

Good ideas. I can look into this soon

Also a couple more come to mind:

Rolaids Relief (or maybe Opener Expert)- win a match using only RP pitching (without using a starter (0 GS)).

Arcade Wizard- Score 2500 points in a week-long matchup.

Small Ball- Win a match without a hitting a HR.


Ah! How about: The Choke Artist- go undefeated in the regular season but lose in the playoffs.

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I’m not sure what I was smoking here- but 2500 points is insane. I think 1000 is likely more realistic and still impressive.


I’d like to get to these soon. The main issue with creating these badges is finding the right art to go with them. LuckyStrikes has been pretty creative in his efforts, but putting that all on him is a lot to ask.

I wonder if there’s anyone in this community that is into drawing or art and would be interested in messing around with this. That’d be pretty neat.

Otherwise let’s start hunting down clip art and whatnot!

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Might as well go for it and call it Pinball Wizard, right?


Already have a “Max Effort” badge, so we need a new name for this one. Anyone have a decent college baseball pitching reference we can use…?

Not a college reference, but how about the “Dusty Baker Award for Pitcher Abuse”?

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Too real. But maybe more on point.

Hilarious. And apt. Although I guess you could also just as it into the rules for the current max effort badge.

I named it “The Dusty Baker Award”


Alright, I’ve added all these except the Opener Expert, since that one seems somewhat impossible. Huge thanks to @Dahdscear for coming up with these and gathering the badge images.